MetaPlex® Optical Grade Polymer Windows

Extremely strong and chemically resistant to acids, alkalis (caustics) and alcohols, the MetaPlex® optical grade polymer windows are encapsulated in a stainless steel frame for use in sanitary processing applications.  The MetaPlex® polymer sanitary window provides a level of safety and useful service life well beyond that provided by conventional plastic sight windows.  They are the only polymer sanitary window that can withstand temperatures up to 134°C, operating temperatures to 100°C and operating pressures up to 150 PSIG.  While other plastic sight glasses are meant for short term using during validation, process development and engineering applications, the MetaPlex® sanitary windows are durable enough for use in CIP and SIP cycles, eliminating costly down time.

Although there are other glass alternatives on the market, they can’t compare to the quality, durability and value of the MetaPlex® optical grade polymer sanitary window.   Designed with the advanced technology and innovation you have grown to expect from L.J. Star products, the MetaPlex® sanitary windows are formed by injecting the polymer into a precisely formed metal ring, which eliminates the dangerous weak point of the thin section that appears on competitors’ all-plastic windows.