For Powder and Vigorous Mixing Applications
The Metenova High Power mixers open design and high power input makes it perfect for breaking down lump forming powders or rapid mixing of buffer solutions. The products extensive volume range makes it ideal for a wide span of tank sizes.

Floating Zero-g bearing technology – High power mixing performance – Highest level of Aseptic design – Ease of use – Robust design – Designed for easy scale-up – Large volume span

Magnetically coupled mixer

HP mixers are magnetically coupled through the bottom of the tank with no need for mechanical seals, minimizing risk of cross-contamination

Powerful Mixing

Metenova HP mixers open design and powerful, fast-spinning mixing head effectively breaks lumps and other un homogenise particles in seconds

Aseptic by design

HP mixers are optimized for Cleaning and Sterilization In-Place (CIP/SIP) and are aseptically designed with zero dead-leg with large fluid paths for high throughput of cleaning agent. All HP mixers uses Aseptic Gap-Free Bearing Design

Patented magnetic bearing

The patented bearing levitates the mixer head vertically on a magnetic cushion. This acts as a shock absorber for the mixer and minimizes wear on the mixer bearing while reducing risk for particle shredding. The functionality of the magnetic bearing is perfect for mobile vessels since it acts as a shock absorber and addresses the risk of bearing failure due to the transport

Superior performance

The High efficiency mix head design in combination with the unique HP bearing design enables a superior mixing performance.

Reliable & robust

The HP mixer´s durable and robust design ensures reliable production with minimal downtime and fast turnover time at maintenance stops