For Emulsification and High Shear Applications
The Metenova HS High Shear mixer offer a rotor/stator aspetic magnetic mixer for your critical fine emulsions and dispersions. Metenovas High Shear mixers dispers droplets and creates an even particle size distribution, enabling down-stream high pressure emulsification processing. It also improves the suspension characteristics of the product. The Metenova HS is ideal for emulsification applications, difficult to dissolve solids and particle downsizing.

Floating Zero-g bearing technology – Superior mixing performance – Robust design – Technology Upgrade options – Highest level of aseptic design – Ease of use – Designed for easy scale-up

Magnetically coupled mixer

HS mixers are magnetically coupled through the bottom of the tank with no need for mechanical seals, minimizing risk of cross-contamination

Aseptic by design

HS mixers are optimized for Cleaning and Sterilization In-Place (CIP/SIP) and are aseptically designed with zero dead-leg with large fluid paths for high throughput of cleaning agent. All HS mixers uses Aseptic Gap-Free Bearing Design

Service Friendly

HS mixers are bottom mounted with no need for head space. The bearing is easily accessed and replaced, minimizing downtime during maintenance

Patented magnetic bearing

The patented bearing levitates the mixer head verticaly on a magnetic cushion. This acts as a shock absorber for the mixer and minimizes wear on both the mixer and bearing simultaneously reducing risk for particle shredding

Rotor / Stator

The Metenova HS mixer uses a Rotor/stator configuration to effectively emulsify liquids of different viscosity

Reliable & robust

The HS mixer´s durable and robust design ensures reliable production with minimal downtime and fast turnover time at maintenance stops